About US

Building Capacity through adaptive and flexible, Expertise in fields such as education, crisis management, and international development.

As a small boutique consultancy team, we tend to focus on capacity building within the international environment, however, we do provide support to, and have developed projects where the primary focus is education and training of organizational and/or national structures. Our more recent initiatives have focused more on building education, experiential learning, experimentation, or development programs where the focus is on building more resilient and stable communities.

“Each NATO member country needs to be resilient to resist and recover from a major shock such as a natural disaster, failure of critical infrastructure or an armed attack. Resilience is a society’s ability to resist and recover easily and quickly from such shocks and combines both civil preparedness and military capacity. Robust resilience and civil preparedness in Allied countries are essential to NATO’s collective security and defence.”
— Resilience and NATO Article 3

Our work

Our experience has shown security and stability capacity building requires a holistic approach using all available instruments, to include political, economic, military and civilian tools. We are keenly interested in the intersection between domestic emergency management, international crisis response, and development of national structures to stabilize and normalize societies. And more these days we are interested in not only establishing stability but building resilient communities as well. We constantly strive to provide the right expertise at the right time in order to facilitate development in a balanced approach with our partners.

With that in mind, a few of our projects are below:


education portfolio:
study abroad programs (2019)

An integrated and comprehensive learning platform to provide students of international relations, security studies, military history (or related fields) the opportunity to gain unique access to a pro-European, pro-western, developing, and post-conflict society from the view of the international community. Our study abroad programs are organized to provide three phases of experiential and academic learning for a university-level student. Each phase has uniquely different pathways for learning in order to build required academic knowledge, convey organizational expertise and experience all against the backdrop of one of the youngest and most isolated countries in Europe.


nonprofit development
global Human Security (2019)

As part of our larger Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, CBI is establishing a non-profit to support development efforts and address global human security. Our efforts will integrate unique aspects of emergency management, National, and human security programs to build more resilient and sustainable societies. Our programs will lead to and support a larger Human Security effort in accordance with the UN guidelines. And yet blend in our unique post conflict expertise. The human security approach is a proven analytical and planning framework that supports more comprehensive and preventive responses by the United Nations, cutting across sectors, developing contextually relevant solutions, and adopting partnerships to help realize a world free from fear, want and indignity.

Webinar series:
field experience for the classroom (2019)

Starting in the Fall of 2019, CBI is launching a new series of webinars to bring the field experience to the classroom environment. Select academic partners will have the ability to connect directly to operational experts in the field and engage in discussions about current issues in the mission environment. Topics include stability policing, international emergency management, inclusive emergency management, amongst other issues. Webinars will be hosted in either single or series format and will also be held in conjunction with our growing study abroad platform. Academic institutions interested in the webinar series are encouraged to get in touch with us to schedule a call.

focus areas

At CBI, we divide our client portfolio into four distinct fields of service. Those consist of Education, Experiential Learning, Professional Development, and Capacity Building projects. We deliver tailor-made solutions, unique perspectives, and even design courses and programs to specific organizational requirements. We do this to ensure that we are a credible, reliable partner and provider who enables partner success through operations and governance. Our goal remains to open the international community discussions to everyone and make them available to students, professionals, and academic partners.

  • international project design and development


  • Education and training initiatives


  • niche field study and study abroad

  • DONOR and stakeholder engagement


  • capacity building, EDUCATION, AND TRAINING

  • Community Planning and engagement

  • Inclusive Emergency Management