What is the “operational” study abroad?


CBI is the home of the “Operational” Study Abroad, an integrated and comprehensive learning platform to provide students of international relations, security studies, history, geopolitics, emergency/crisis management or related fields the opportunity to gain unique access to international operations and post-conflict environments.

We have recently released a Summer program aimed at post-conflict and cooperation studies, and future programs include ROTC operational deployments, emergency management, and international security themes. What makes this program different is that we blend academic courses with practitioners, and focus on the “how” rather than the “what”.

The Platform consists of blending academic programs with professional development, cultural immersion, and specific international community experts, IO's and NGO's. We also blend in a field study program for experiential learning and analysis. Students who complete the program will have gained theoretical knowledge from the academic program, organizational insight from professionals actively working in the international community, and valuable experience gained through cultural immersion in a semester abroad in Kosovo, a post-conflict and stabilization “operational area".

This is largely what we call the "mission space"

Operational Study Abroad advising and security force assistance

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