summer 2020 program

Deadline for Applications - May 15th

as part of our developing “operational” study abroad series we now offer

Conflict, Consequences, and Cooperation: Post-Conflict Issues and Human Security in Southeastern Europe


The Balkans are a place of incredible beauty and terrible conflict. Famously called the "Powder Keg of Europe," the region was the focal point of brutal conflicts at both the beginning and the end of the 20th century. Contending with ethnic rivalries, political legacies, and economic challenges, the region is trying to come to terms with its history and fully join the global community of the 21st century. It offers the ideal setting for considering some of the most vital issues of our time: globalization, security, development, and cultural engagement. Being "on the ground" in the Balkans will augment study with experience in a place with many challenges, yet also many opportunities, as well as warm and welcoming people. Whether a student of history, human security, international relations, or practically any field, one can gain much from participating in this summer experience     

Fields of Study: Open to students of all majors and programs. This will explore the fields of history, international relations, post-conflict studies, human security, and cultural intelligence.

Coursework: 2 courses (6 credit) offered concurrently. 

Accreditation: Delivered in cooperation with our Academic Partner, the American College of Thessaloniki

American College of Thessaloniki Campus

American College of Thessaloniki Campus

on campus experience

A traditional summer program consisting of two (2) courses for six (6) total credit hours. Courses include History 221: Global Modernities: World History Since 1900, and Politics 221: The Balkans in Contemporary International Relations. Courses are fully accredited both in the United States and through Open University in the United Kingdom. Students will spend the majority of their time on campus in the wonderful location of Thessaloniki.

Pristina, Kosovo

Pristina, Kosovo

field study in Kosovo

A field study will be conducted to supplement the academic program at ACT Campus. The field study will be conducted by Capacity Building International, with 20+ years of operational experience in Kosovo. The field study will include tours through Pristina, Kosovo as well as historical site visits throughout the country. The program includes briefings from international organizations such as NATO, EU, UN, and OSCE.