delivering field experience


We deliver field and operational experience to the classroom through the use of multiple channels and a layered approach to experiential learning. Understanding that not every student can experience the field study or study abroad, we also bring expertise directly to the academic environment

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Guest speaker(s)

If one of your courses or academic programs is focused on emergency management, crisis or conflict studies, social justice, or related subjects, we can provide subject matter experts to support and enable your program with international perspectives. We routinely provide information and updates to our academic partners and conduct speaking engagements where we provide a range and depth of information on subjects such as:

  • Post Conflict Stabilization Through the Lens of Emergency Management

  • Building Host Nation Capacity in Civil Emergency Planning

  • Building Resilient Societies in Post Conflict Operations

Webinars, certification courses, and professional development programs

We understand that students may not be able to attend our field studies or study abroad programs, so we are developing and adapting programs from operations into a various webinar series. The result of which will be operational insights provided directly to the academic institution and directly to the student. Academic partners can either have students enroll directly or secure an institutional rate through which they can achieve significant savings. Webinar series include the following:

  • Introduction to Stability Policing

  • Civil Emergency Planning in Post Conflict Operations

  • Dealing with Mass Migration of Populations

  • Gender, Peace, and Security Issues

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Field Studies and study abroad programs

When you’re ready for a more immersive experience and want to experience international work directly, then we have programs to conduct study abroad in what we call the “mission space”. At CBI, we have developed a new platform for students to experience not only the traditional cultural immersion of being in a foreign country for a semester, but also the experience of working alongside international organizations in their efforts to stabilize post-conflict countries. Our programs can be delivered in the following formats:

  • Field Studies

  • Maymester or Summer Semesters

  • Traditional Spring/Fall Semesters