University ROTC Cadet Program Survey

Help Us Build a New Program

ROTC Cadets, we're developing a program just for you.


Honestly, I think it's kick-ass...but...It's not for me. It's for you.

So I want to better understand your challenges, perspectives, and what would work and what wouldn't. What's important to you, and what isn't. It’s important that we understand what your life is like as a cadet in order to know how to design a program that compliments your current efforts, amplifies your success, and isn’t intrusive into your already busy life.

What do we need to do? It’s quite simple, we need about 20-30 minutes of your time to hear about our program and provide feedback. That’s it!

In doing so, we are going to provide you - as a special “thank you” for helping us out - access to our current International Career Course! It’s in pre-release and is not open to the public yet - and when it is - it will be priced at $300. So you’ll not only have input in helping us design a new program but you’ll also get access to our online course for FREE to show our appreciation!

Just click the button below, book in an appointment, and share your thoughts with us! I look forward to meeting and getting your feedback!