Professional Development in Study Abroad

How do you address professional development in your study abroad programs?

For us, it's a challenge as skills in conflict studies can extend beyond borders and specific job skills. For programs in crisis or emergency management, they're largely national in form, but need to be delivered internationally.

While a bit dated, this report links the employers expectations to the perceptions of higher education study abroad programs. The EQ or CQ skills development is becoming more critical. We've integrated these skills, and have gone even further in partnership with NATO and IAEM to accelerate student development and prepare for their career immediately post-graduation.

"While this report is not focused on study abroad per se, it is important data that provides the context of what employers seek, value, and expect in today's graduates."

"This report indicates that U.S. employers do not rate study abroad highly in seeking job candidates. Yet when asked what skills are important, they point to a number of transferable skills that are often reported are the result of an international experience."