OPINION: How do we reduce disaster risks for the conflict-affected?

Making Room for Emergency Management and DRR Platforms

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I mentioned this issue in one of my posts yesterday, and now I find an opinion piece on the same topic today. That is good to see, and maybe we can begin to have a larger discussion on the role of EM in post-conflict operations. 

"It is not yet the norm for disaster risk reduction (DRR) to be systematically integrated into post-conflict resettlement or reconstruction processes. That means that if risk creation continues, those living in post-conflict situations will remain vulnerable to the impacts of future natural hazards."

The article goes a bit further and states that there are opportunities to combine the preparedness for conflict with that of DRR. Where those opportunities do exist we need to take advantage of them and discuss how to begin the integration of EM and DRR. Unfortunately, as I have said and as confirmed in this op-ed, this is just not an institutional belief (yet).