Now Open! - Summer 2019 Study Abroad Program

Conflict, Consequences, and Cooperation

Be Different This Year. Summer 2019 is Open for Enrollment.

We are pleased to announce the first iteration of the CBI “Operational Study Abroad” series, with a Summer 2019 Program called “Conflict, Consequences, and Cooperation”. The summer program will take place from June to July 2019, and will be delivered in partnership with American College of Thessaloniki. Students will have the opportunity to attend on campus courses at the ACT campus in Thessaloniki, and includes a field study trip to Kosovo for a first hand look at how the international community conducts peace and stability engagements. The summer session is fully accredited in the US, and consists of two courses (6 credit hours). For more information about the program and what is included, visit the program site and information below.