Is it time to reform Education Admissions in the United States?

Massive Admissions Scandal

But let’s not throw out the system just yet. Why? First, not everyone is guilty and second it appears to be overzealous parents.

Details emerge about indictments of wealthy parents who allegedly found ways to rig the system; coaches lose their jobs; and some call for discussion of the many (legal) advantages for families of means.
— Inside Higher Ed

We’re fans of higher education and life long learning overall, and while this report is damaging to say the least, it doesn’t mean that all institutions are plagued by such issues. This issue appears to be impacting a few universities in the United States and at some of the more competitive schools, not all, but some. In addition, what we find the most striking in this whole article is that some of the students were not even aware that their parents were making arrangements behind the scenes for their admission. I can imagine, once a student finds out they were not admitted on their own merit but as a result of parental interference, then that is a significant blow to their confidence, and represent a severe breach of trust. Even worse, I can’t imagine how that would even begin to prepare students for a future career, meet professional requirements, or even to meet competitive requirements in the workplace. If the education system were to be reformed and new best practices put in place, it would only start with the admissions process, and would likely involve reforms in all aspects of higher education from professor tenure, alumni relations and donations, endowments, and other programs as well.