International standards for disaster management agencies?

International standards for disaster management agencies?

This report from SPHERE and LSE highlights some possibilities to do just that.

But...whether we are talking about hashtag#securityassistance, hashtag#capacitybuilding, or hashtag#emergencymanagement, improving conditions on the ground always have the same challenges. First, it's the host nation responsibility, always. This is actually more beneficial to the international community than it is a negative issue.

But reports like these, as good as they can be, often highlight the same issues:

- Training

- Authority or Agency Structure

- National Intent or Political Will

- Agency Capacity

Where I like to get into the debate is what is the "best" way to develop agency capabilities. It's more of "How?" rather than "Why". As we've learned in security assistance programs, advisors have a role on the ground and are far more effective than training or courses that occur once a quarter. We can learn a lot from the way the military has used SFA and capacity building to increase national capabilities. And that usually starts with direct and daily contact on the ground, followed by the application of funding, equipment and training.

Thoughts? Questions?