Advisory Board Announcement

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Appointment to Advisory Board

We are pleased to announce our first appointment to the Advisory Board to Capacity Building International. Brigadier General Manlio Silvestri (Ret.) has agreed to join the Advisory Board in order to play a key role in furthering integration of NATO into CBI education and training programs. 

Brigadier General Silvestri left his military career, and joined the International Civilian Staff in the Operations Division at NATO Headquarters. He started as Staff Officer dealing with the strategic political aspects of NATO Operations and Missions in the Balkans (KFOR), Afghanistan (ISAF-RSM), Africa (support to AU). In his capacity of Head, NATO Training Activities Coordination and Aviation Section, he was involved in the assistance to Kosovo Security Forces, in the capacity building activities for the Afghan National Security Forces, including the normalisation of the Afghan aviation sector. Dr. Silvestri and his team have also been involved in the development of a NATO concept to train and develop local forces in crisis zones, so that local authorities could then maintain security without international assistance. Currently, he holds the position of Executive Coordinator in NATO Operations Division.

CBI's newly formed Advisory Board has been created to provide strategic guidance and technical advice, and Advisory Board members will be responsible for identifying and developing strategic partnerships, integration with NATO and interantional community efforts, as well as supporting the CBI in accessing growth opportunities via their extensive network of contacts.