International standards for disaster management agencies?

International standards for disaster management agencies?

Where I like to get into the debate is what is the "best" way to develop agency capabilities. It's more of "How?" rather than "Why". As we've learned in security assistance programs, advisors have a role on the ground and are far more effective than training or courses that occur once a quarter. We can learn a lot from the way the military has used SFA and capacity building to increase national capabilities. And that usually starts with direct and daily contact on the ground, followed by the application of funding, equipment and training.

Is it worth it? Challenges for study abroad (and Higher Education)

Is it worth it? Challenges for study abroad (and Higher Education)

Recently, I was talking with the head of an international studies program who mentioned that participation in study abroad has declined noticeably in recent years. We noted a number of reasons why. For students, the cost was a big deterrent; many see the price tag as especially high. Furthermore, many are very concerned with graduating “on time” and worry that a study abroad experience will not “fit in” with their schedule and delay graduation. Moreover, they are career-focused, and perceive that study abroad will not advance them professionally. Another problem is engaging faculty. They find planning study abroad experiences quite onerous. Both institutional resources and the pool of students is quite limited, making it hard to launch and sustain study abroad initiatives. In sum, for both students and faculty, when it comes to studying abroad, they are asking: is it worth it?

New Partnership Agreement

New Partnership Agreement

Capacity Building International is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM). Through this unique partnership both CBI and IAEM will work to further develop the Emergency Management Profession. CBI will continue to work in coordination with international organizations such as NATO, EU, UN, and OSCE to bring unique programs to universities and academia in the United States. In addition, CBI will be working with IAEM to identify, develop, and implement international projects.

Is it time to reform Education Admissions in the United States?

Is it time to reform Education Admissions in the United States?

Is it time to reform the higher education admissions process? Maybe so, but let’s not throw out the entire system just yet. While there is always room for reform and updating the best practices, we would argue that this could be the work of over zealous parents, with a mix of unscrupulous university staff. And having said that, admissions would be only the first of many reforms needed in order to ensure that an independent and impartial system is in place.

Internship Opportunity

Interested in international relations and global affairs? How about gaining more insight into the inner workigns of the big international organizations such as NATO, UN, EU, and OSCE? Intern with us as we develop projects in what we call the "mission space" between crisis and development.

Job Description

Interested in international relations and global affairs? How about gaining more insight into the inner workigns of the big international organizations such as NATO, UN, EU, and OSCE? 

We are seeking a highly motivated business devleopment and marketing intern that will work directly with the CEO to perform a range of analytical tasks, documenting projects, and analyzing markets. Our projects range from establishing nonprofits, international projects, and experiential learning and education platforms for universities in the United States. We deal extensively in the international environment so cultural awareness and intelligence is a key skill requirement. 

You will be working remotely as part of a distributed team, and will participate in weekly conference calls and daily contact with CEO, our Academic Director, and COO. The position is limited to 12-15 hours per week. 

Our intern positions comply with the US Department of Labor standards and while this is an unpaid internship, we are offering to work with your acadmeic instituition, if you have one, to gain college credit for you time spent with CBI.


Marketing, Market Research, Team Player, Highly Organized, Communication Skills, Cross-Cultural Communication, Able to Work Independently, Analytical/Critical Thinking Skills, Remote Working

Interested? Please head over to and apply here.

Welcome to 2019

Welcome to 2019!

As we begin moving into 2019, we are looking forward to a great year ahead. Much of 2018 has been a development period for us and one where we were researching, analyzing, discussing, and verifying our assumptions with regards to our portfolio. We’re happy to say that all the work behind the scenes has not only validated our assumptions but now allows us to move swiftly ahead and make great strides in 2019. We are truly excited for what we will be launching this year and the impact we will make.

Advisory Board Announcement


We are pleased to announce another appointment to the Advisory Board to Capacity Building International. LTC (Ret.) Mike Clements is an adaptable, resourceful and energetic programme manager and retired British Army officer.

Commissioned from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, he served a full career in the Royal Tank Regiment and is a graduate of the British Army Staff Course and the Australian Command & Staff College. He commanded 3rd Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment, during the Northern Ireland Troubles.

He has accumulated diverse experience, delivering tough performance objectives, from several successful operational Command & Staff, Project Management and Defence Diplomacy appointments. He has had broad exposure to strategic, operational and tactical projects, including Disarmament, Demobilisation & Reintegration, Security Sector Reform and Change Management in a Post Conflict environment, gained through industrious service in the UK and International Defence & Security sectors.

He has four years of diplomatic experience from the Baltic States, assisting host nations with NATO & EU accession programmes and a further eight years experience in Kosovo developing the host nation’s civil protection, security and vetting agencies (Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC), Kosovo Security Force (KSF) and Kosovo Vetting Agency (KVA).