As a 2018 Fulbright research grant recipient in Kosovo, I spent 9 months conducting fieldwork, engaging in local projects, and indulging in as many macchiato’s as humanely possible. Aside from Kosovo’s wildly diverse cafe culture, Kosovo’s rich history, nuanced domestic political landscape, and continuously evolving strategic relationship with the US, EU and Turkey, among other countries and factors, make it an unparalleled place for individuals to engage in critical research that has both academic and policy relevance. For instance, while I have worked with stakeholders to explore specific security issues in the region, a Fulbright peer of mine has interviewed Kosovar women that have acted as catalysts for social change in the region. Moreover, living in Kosovo has deeply clarified how I, as an American, can best position myself alongside members of the community to address domestic and transatlantic issues. My interactions with various Kosovar Albanians, Serbians, and members of the Romani community have made me adept at navigating cross cultural contexts in a sensitive manner, and taught me a considerable amount about how to mediate difficult conversations about how ethnic and religious identity inform notions of citizenry, sovereignty and statehood. In transitioning from Kosovo back to the U.S., I am thrilled to bring back with me not only a diverse skill set, but also, a complex narrative of Kosovo, informed by its citizenry.


"Traveling in Kosovo and meeting the people of this fascinating country was one of the most eye opening experiences I had during my time in college. It provided a powerful lens into some of the cultural and political problems faced internationally in our modern world. This experience led me to pursue more international travel and study. It not only inspired me to become more knowledgeable and involved in the global community, but it also helped me to gain important perspectives from diverse cultures, religions, and backgrounds. The friendly people, the rich history, and the current challenges and growth make Kosovo a truly unique experience. Studying in Kosovo led to the development of my worldview, and has continued to challenge me in the classroom and throughout my career."

- zachary p. (USA)

"Kosovo holds secrets, lessons and picturesque beauty for seekers looking for rich and unique history, breath-taking landscapes, and lessons which will last a lifetime. I was introduced to Kosovo via a study abroad trip taken in 2014. Here, in this country whose people have borne the effects of an ethnic cleansing, I sat with the powerful and bonded with the outcast. I relished the pleasant encounters and mourned deeply the scars of war in this country so different then my own. Rebuilding has followed, but much slower than I had anticipated. Now, as a teacher and aspiring entrepreneur, I find myself reminded of the need for patient perseverance, whether in rebuilding a country or the life of a child, or in the long-haul commitment required to start a business. My experience in Kosovo taught me this and inspired a passionate attempt to make a difference in this world."

- Laural p. (USA)