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World Bank's free 6-week MOOC, “Digital Dividends.”

Join technology and development experts from around the globe for the World Bank's free 6-week MOOC, “Digital Dividends.” The course runs November 7-December 19, 2017. Open to all, it is an essential learning opportunity to understand the digital future and design policies and actions that can harness technology for good.

Traditional development challenges are preventing the digital revolution from fulfilling its transformative potential: the opportunity to bring broader development gains in the form of faster growth, more jobs and better services to economies. In this course, you’ll explore answers to the following: What are the challenges that prevent digital dividends from spreading more rapidly? What are the most important returns to digital investments? What should be done to fully benefit from the digital revolution?

What you'll learn: National priorities and policies related to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector and the way other sectors can fully benefit from the internet and digital technologies; how to prioritize policies for countries at different stages of digital development; what are the key issues and challenges that countries have on their way to development powered by digitalization; and, how countries can fully benefit from digital dividends.