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A strategy session to get insights and answers about international work - plus a 30 page career guide - for $99

We’ve designed a full strategy session just to give you the insider information. you’ll be more prepared to find, apply, interview, and manage your career.

during the call we will answer questions such as:

  • What are the main international security organizations?

  • What are the types of interviews do they conduct?

  • How do I locate open positions?

  • Why the international market so competitive?

  • You’re the best candidate, but you still didn’t get the job, why?

  • The way to get into international work and avoid competition.

  • What is strategic patience, and why is that important?

  • Should I learn another language, and if so, which one?

  • What are metrics and how do I use them?

  • I’m hired (yay!), but now what do I do to manage my career?

  • How long is my probationary period and then what’s next?

  • What are examples of some pay grades and salary steps?

  • How do I start and where do I look for openings?

  • How long do I need to wait or plan for to find a position?

  • Are there any exams or tests during the interview process?

  • What does “work from the outside in” mean?

The guide offers a comprehensive step by step guide to overseas work by providing practical guidance in areas like resume development, interview preparation, and understanding what international organizations are looking for. More importantly, however, this guide takes you beyond the steps of just the application and interview process, and into the steps afterward once you’ve found work overseas. From contracts and planning a move, to practical advice for living as an expat, the guide equips students with the knowledge they need to be able to make important and informed decisions about their careers overseas.

What’s Included?

we’ve designed an hour full of information so you can have the best experience…so we’ve included:

  • A 30+ page International Career Guide (ebook)

  • A 1-Hour session to discuss goals, ambitions, and options

  • A Resume or LinkedIn Profile brief overview

  • Your own personal Q&A time - ask away!

  • Personalized job search strategy

  • Metrics discussion and a review of your personal metrics

  • Job search options and recommendations based on your skills

  • A review of Competency Based Interview questions

  • Salary information and insights for International Organizations

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It was a great read, tremendously helpful, and well done.
— Addie C. Fulbright Scholar, Washington D.C.
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I’ve spent 20 years working internationally. Now I want you to have the same opportunity.

Including time in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Kosovo. First, in support of the US Department of Defense and then most recently with NATO, I’ve been an international consultant for years. I’ve come to understand the international community, environment, and how to manage an international career. After a nearly eight-year consultancy with NATO, I founded Capacity Building International to bring that field experience to the US, our academic partners, and to students seeking an international lifestyle. My motivation is to provide you the “insider information” you’ll need to find, apply, and prepare for international positions. I wish someone would have done for me when I started in 1999, but that simply didn’t exist or information was simply not shared back then. Now we have the chance to change that and create opportunities for everyone who has the desire and motivation to live the international life in another country.

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